Puppy Socialization Classes

At Delders Dogs, puppies are always at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is to identify what causes behavioural problems in adult dogs and put steps in place to prevent this in our puppy programs.

Puppy Classes give your pup a great start in life. A relaxed, fun environment to meet other puppy owners, other puppies, have all your questions answered and make sure you are are on the right track from the get go!



Up to 20 Weeks Old


We have 2 Levels of classes. Foundation and Progression. Classes are a great way to pick up lots of information, meet other owners and have your puppy socialise in a safe environment.


Private Session

Up to 20 Weeks Old

GOLD (£95)

1x Private consult (approx 1.5 hours) in your home covering everything you need to know and setting up you and the puppy for a stress free start in life. The session is tailored to you and your pup but covers a number of subjects.

  • The Puppy Pee Solution - The quickest and most effective way to toilet train

  • Choosing the right food, vet & insurance

  • Puppy confidence around other dogs, people and at the vets or groomers.

  • Sleeping through the night from day 1

  • Destructive chewing, jumping up & attention seeking

  • Basic Commands

  • Puppy Class Overview


Private Session

Up to 20 Weeks Old

DIAMOND (£165)

2x Private sessions + 10% off Puppy Class

The first consult is in the home and covers everything from the basic package. The 2nd is a 1 hour walk and train session! We go out of the house, see where you walk and work on building engagement and confidence on a walk.

  • Everything from Basic package

  • Loose lead

  • Engagement

  • Fun games

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Private Session

Up to 20 Weeks Old


3x Private sessions + 10% off Puppy Class

Everything from the Basic and Support Package plus and extra recall session working specifically on off lead behaviour and recall.

  • Everything from Basic and Support

  • Recall

  • Off lead behaviours

  • Phone Support in between each session and for 1 week after the last session