About Delders dogs

I’m Adam Delderfield, founder of Delders Dogs in Milton Keynes.  I’m here to tell you a little more about myself and my dog training services.

My background is in IT and Incident Management, I did this for 14 years for one of the largest Banks in the world. Incident management involves looking after all of the IT systems and if anything breaks causing large impact to customers, we bring it back online as quickly as possible. Believe it or not the transition from IT to dog training was quite easy. Being able to problem solve under high pressure and having to identify WHY something happened in the first place is a skill I use every day when training dogs. 

Modern dog training is based on scientific study, an intimate knowledge of how dogs learn and being able to analyse and change unwanted behaviours. The skills set is very similar to my previous career, except that my current clients are slightly fluffier.

I became interested in dogs and dog training when I was much younger and attended training classes and seminars just for fun. As time went on and my knowledge base grew it became more and more obvious that dog training would become my new career.

The difference between dog training and IT is that computers have no character, few charms and rarely make me laugh. Dogs on the other hand, when they are confident and happy, are great company and great conversation starters. Swapping from IT to dog training was a no-brainer! Whenever I’m out with my two dogs Buddy and Chester, someone will always want to chat about them and I’ll likely make a new friend.

Services at Delders Dogs

I’m here to help you with almost any aspect of guiding and improving your dog’s behaviour. But my favourite classes to teach are recall/off-lead and puppy classes. Here’s why

Puppy classes in Milton Keynes

Puppies are the reason I started dog training! I truly believe that if you can get the first year of that puppies life right, then you will save yourself a lot of stress, time and money having to fix issues that might arise. I get so many people on my Adult classes that say they wish they new about my courses when they first got their puppy.

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Dog recall classes in Milton Keynes

I wonder how many dogs a year end up injured or separated from their owners because they have poor recall skills. A dogs natural prey drive often takes over when squirrels or rabbits are about. I enjoy helping owners to bypass the dogs’ natural instincts and teach them that returning on cue is far more rewarding than sniffing a squirrel.There’s nothing so joyful as watching a dog running just for fun. They stretch every one of their muscles, fill their lungs with fresh air and just enjoy life in the purest possible way.

Off lead and recall classes are all about building a dogs confidence in the world and an owner’s confidence in their dog. When an owner trusts the dog not to “bolt” at strange sights and sounds, and the dog has reliable recall skills, the two of them will go on to living full and interesting lives together.

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My business in a nutshell

Problem behaviours are predictable and preventable. I help dog owners to predict and prevent unwanted behaviours using the fastest and best training available.

Please explore my website and blogs to discover how Delders offers dog training with a difference.

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Every day is a school day in Behavioural sciences. In addition to every day practical learning, i am constantly keeping up to date with the latest techniques in dog training and animal behaviour.

Seminars, conferences, reading books, PHD thesis, and online training courses. 

Just a few of my certificates