Dog Walkers Unite

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delders Dogs & Star Dog Services

My name is Stella Seminerio and I run Star Dog Services as well as working as a professional dog trainer for Delders Dogs. I have helped many dog owners over the years with all sorts of problems and have a great and loyal customer base. But we have a problem……

Too Many Customers

We have a really great problem, and we need your help. While we look to take on more people and grow the dog walking and pet sitting side of Star Dog Services we need to outsource some of our work. This week alone we have turned away over 1K in siting revenue.

As Delders Dogs has a large customer base and works as a feeder for Star dog services this issue is only going to get bigger.

Customer satisfaction

We want to go above and beyond for our customers, and we HATE having to refer out to 3 or 4 other business for them to come back and say they still can’t find someone that covers their area or has availability.

We want to build an approved list of members that we can refer to, rather than send our customers to a list of names we have all the members on a private FB group and Messenger so that we can ask on their behalf who is available and then outsource to YOU. No extra work or admin on your part, we are already doing the marketing and speaking with the customer we just want a team of trusted walkers we refer to.

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If you work for Star Dog Services you will get these customers before they are offered out to others.