Dog Walkers Unite

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The Ambassador Program

In Milton Keynes we have such a strong network of dog walkers that are trusted and loved by dog owners in MK. I want to give something back to you and work with you towards improving the life of dogs in MK. Lots of dog walkers already recommend me to their customers, and I massively appreciate that, but there is only so many times I can thank you before it loses its value so I want to give you more.

Whats in it for ME

Being a Delders Dogs ambassador is easy, you just need to fill out the form below and then watch the money roll in. Thats right I said watch the money roll in!! If you refer a customer to me and they sign up to either one of our puppy classes or my private session package I will give you some money!

£20 - Private sessions

£10 - Puppy classes/Puppy private session

As an added bonus, I would love to have a dog walkers directory of trusted walkers that I can send my customers too. I train lots of dogs and they trust my recommendations when it comes to pet sitting and walkers.

Whats the catch

There is no contract, no minimum referrals, no maximum referrals and the only requirement is that you are a dog walker in Milton Keynes.

Just think, if you send 2 private session customers and a puppy to me thats £50 in your account. You are already seeing hundreds of dogs a year that I know will ask you for advice, well now you can make some money from the advice you give them…..if the advice is go and see Delders Dogs!

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