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I am passionate about the benefits of dog training and I enjoy learning new skills AND sharing my knowledge with other people.

Dog training talks and demonstrations for organisations

Do you work with an organisation who are interested in dogs or dog training? My training and study has given me an in-depth knowledge of how dogs learn, what they need to learn and how best to teach them. I would love to help your group understand dogs better.

Talks can be tailored to your groups interests, abilities and objectives. As an example

  • Vets and veterinary nurses who want to avoid stressing their patients (and/or getting bitten!)

  • College students studying animal management

  • Schools or Youth groups wishing to teach youngsters a new skillset

  • Dog training groups wanting a new perspective

  • Seminars and events

  • Animal supplies shops who wish to build customer loyalty by hosting events

    Interested? Give me a call or contact me via the form below and we can chat further.

    Host a dog training event at Delders Dogs

    Delders Dogs in Milton Keynes has access to some wonderful spaces that are ideal for dog training demonstrations. If you are a dog trainer, who like me, wants to share knowledge with other people, please get in touch. Together we can organise a dog training event that will help you reach a wider audience.

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Workshops, Seminars and Events

Delders dogs offer a number of workshops and seminar subjects

We also host guest trainers for events

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