Dog Recall Training

Every dog, no matter what size, shape, age or temperament NEEDS to come back when called. It’s a matter of safety for the dog and peace of mind for you. Sadly, this is something many owners struggle with.

In this series of specialised dog training classes, we teach you how to focus your dog’s mind so that no matter how much fun they’re having, they’ll respond immediately to your recall cue.

At Delders Dogs we train without fear, pain or intimidation. Our recall classes are fun for you and the dog and because we replicate real world situations, it won’t be long before you start to feel more confident about letting your dog off the lead.


Foundation Recall


Group Classes - 3 Weeks

Does your dog find it hard to focus around certain distractions? Other dogs, people, squirrels, food!!

Recall might be fine when you are at training classes or with no distractions. But thats not how it works in the real world. This is why i have built my off lead programs to work on building a core foundation and then applying it to real world distractions. Our classes are the most cost effective way to get you guaranteed results in a short space of time.


Recall Progression


Group Classes - 4 Weeks

For those that have done the initial foundation and want to really see what their dog is capable of! By this point you will have already seen the progress that can be made in just 3 weeks of foundation. Your dog will be well on its way to having a perfect recall and we want to help push you to the next level.