Puppy Classes

Puppy 1 "Laying Foundations"

Group Classes -  6 Weeks

This course is perfect for setting you and your dog up with the foundations needed to become a happy Adult dog. This about more than teaching a few tricks, and looks at resolving the issues that every puppy owner is likely to encounter.

  • House Training

  • Home Alone

  • Curbing Nipping

  • Handling Exercises

  • Excessive Barking

  • Settling Down

  • Attention

  • Sit Down Stand

  • Come when called

  • Jumping up

  • Socialisation

  • Lead Manners

  • Fundamentals of self control

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Puppy Socialisation & Enrichment

Group Classes -  4 Weeks

Safe and early socialisation is KEY to having a happy and well adapted adult dog.

Socialisation means adaptation to the environment through exposure, which just means getting used to things they have not seen before.

Each week we will cover a different subject, this ensures that your pup gets a head start in life and is able to socialise safely with other puppies.

  • Generalisation = Types of exposure/socialisation

  • Resilience = What to do if you notice fear

  • Normal vs abnormal responses

  • Puppy play

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Puppy 2 "Finding the Value"

Group Classes -  5 Weeks

In this course we follow on from the foundations of learning we have put in place. we look at developing the value and focus of working with us and showing them how the most fun comes through us.

Build on foundation

  • Advanced Self Control

  • Hot Zones

  • Food Games

  • Real Life Recall

  • Basic Sent work

  • Q&A Sessions

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Puppy 3 “Real Life Results”

Group Classes -  5 Weeks

The 3rd instalment of our puppy training program. This one is all about increasing the puppy’s confidence in us. We really try and build that relationship so your training can get to the the next level.

We build on everything that has been built up in the previous classes and we push you to the next level.

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