Puppy Training Classes

Your new puppy is a parcel of potential just waiting to be revealed. Puppies are born knowing how to live with dogs, but we need to teach them how adapt to life with humans.

Delders Dogs puppy training classes are structured to help you and your puppy through every stage of his development. Just like a human baby, your puppy learns best when lessons are tailored to his life stage.

Not sure which life-stage your puppy has reached? Contact Adam Delderfield for expert advice.


Puppy 1 "Laying Foundations"


Group Classes - 5 Weeks

Very young puppies are like information sponges. The experiences of leaving the litter and their first few weeks living with their new family will shape their whole lives.

Class sizes are small so that each owner and each pup can have one on one time with Adam and training can move at the dog’s pace.

In this 5-week long foundation puppy-training course, we look at essential puppy life skills such as

  • House Training

  • Home Alone

  • Curbing Nipping

  • Handling Exercises

  • Excessive Barking

  • Settling Down

  • Attention

  • Sit Down Stand

  • Come when called

  • Jumping up

  • Socialisation

  • Lead Manners

  • Fundamentals of self control

Suitable for puppies that have received all their vaccinations and are ready to start exploring the big wide world.

Puppy 2 "Finding the Value”


Group Classes - 5 Weeks

For puppies from approximately 20 weeks old. At around this age, some puppies enter their next life stage. This is when they may start to challenge what they already know. Some will become overly confident, others may need help with fearfulness.

These classes are all about building on the puppies’ knowledge, encouraging quiet confidence and reinforcing the benefits of respecting and listening to their owners.

Puppy training classes for this life stage play a crucial role in shaping happy huggable hounds.

In this 5 week long course we expand on what your pup already knows. We also take time to focus specifically on any dog training concerns you may have.

·       Advanced Self Control

·       Hot Zones

·       Fun and focus - food games for training and enrichment

·       Real Life Recall i.e. recall with distractions

·       Basic Scent work

·       Q&A Sessions