Puppy 2 "Finding the Value”

Group Classes - 5 Weeks

For puppies from approximately 20 weeks old. At around this age, some puppies enter their next life stage. This is when they may start to challenge what they already know. Some will become overly confident, others may need help with fearfulness.

These classes are all about building on the puppies’ knowledge, encouraging quiet confidence and reinforcing the benefits of respecting and listening to their owners.

Puppy training classes for this life stage play a crucial role in shaping happy huggable hounds.

In this 5 week long course we expand on what your pup already knows. We also take time to focus specifically on any dog training concerns you may have.

·       Advanced Self Control

·       Hot Zones

·       Fun and focus - food games for training and enrichment

·       Real Life Recall i.e. recall with distractions

·       Basic Scent work

·       Q&A Sessions