Puppy 3 “Real Life Results”

Group Classes - 5 Weeks

In this, the third in our recommended series of puppy training courses, you will start to see your pup bloom into a happy and obedient adult dog.

Together we will be using more advanced training techniques to challenge and stimulate your dog’s mind. We’ll be building confidence in both you and your puppy and preparing you for bigger adventures. If you have completed puppy training 1 and 2, by now you will have a good knowledge of your pup’s character and how he or she likes to learn.

This class is about having fun and helping you to iron out any little problems. It’s one of my favourite classes to teach because I can see real life results.

In this 5 week course we push you to the next level with

·       Reliability

·       Reinforcing good manners

·       Loose-lead and off-lead walking

·       Advanced recall

·       Settle nicely when asked

·       React appropriately to other dogs

·       Scent work

·       Retrieving

·       Tricks and games