Puppy Socialisation & Enrichment

Group Classes - 4 Weeks

Safe and early socialisation is KEY to having a happy and well-adapted adult dog.

Socialisation is all about showing your puppy the world in small stages so that he or she can get used to new sights, sounds, smells and experiences. Your puppy needs to know how to stay safe and comfortable when greeting other dogs, meeting new humans and visiting new places. Why the gradual introduction? It’s so that your pup can absorb new knowledge without being overwhelmed by it.

Each week we will cover different experiences. There’ll be lots of time for you to ask questions and understand what’s happening in your puppy’s brain as he learns about his world.

In this 4 week course, learning will be all about

·      The most effective methods of exposing your puppy to new experiences according to the pup’s temperament

·      How to recognise and manage fear and anxiety

·      Doggy body language – normal vs unexpected responses

·      Puppy play – how to encourage appropriate behaviours and avoid fights